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Pestat engages in two areas of business operation

Bioscience management

Pestat has current engagements with Australia’s

Technology development & delivery

Introduced animals such as foxes, cane toads, camels and starlings are widely distributed on the Australian continent, and cause significant environmental, financial and social problems. Pestat assists the national effort to reduce the impact of animal pests by supporting development and delivery of humane and effective technologies to aid in their management.

Pestat’s current activities relate to management of foxes and cane toads.

Pestat has previously developed and delivered other innovative tools and strategies to assist with management of foxes, wild dogs and Australian white ibis.

wild dog picture

A wild dog about to cross a sandplot monitoring station, Namadgi National Park, ACT. Wild dogs are often hybrids of domestic dogs and wild dingoes.

Photo courtesy Mr Rob Hunt (NSW DECCW).


Australian white ibis have become a nuisance problem in some urban centres in Australia.


The cane toad is one of the most poisonous amphibians in the world. The glands at the toad's 'shoulders' store large amounts of the material that constitutes the toxic 'venom’.

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